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at Protéger, we make sustainable products
for sustainable rituals    
Dermal Serum Bottle
Powerfully regenerating, featherweight hyaluronic and vitamin C serum. Enriched with hydrating ingredients and antioxidants, this non-greasy serum improves elasticity and leaves the skin with a smooth, protective barrier – head to toe.
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Like a white t-shirt, serum can be worn by all
and fits reliably, each day.
why dermal sérum?
Our custom formulation was born from the desire to nourish our bodies as much as we do our faces.
dermal sérum
other serums
face & body
 $20 per oz
aloe based
violet glass
highest standard of organic ingredients
(ECOCERT greenlife certified lab)
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face only
$80-$300 per oz
water based
amber, frosted, clear glass
lax regulations & definitions of "clean" ingredients
Dermal Sérum was designed for face + body, all skin types, and to address the most common skin concerns.
Meet your new panacea product.
conscious practices
Protéger's products are designed to create a lasting impression on the consumer,
and a minimal one on the environment.
products with purpose
free of
unethical treatment of any beings
filler ingredients
all common allergens
full of
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synergistic, plant-based ingredients
head-to-toe solutions
environmentally conscious decisions
timeless formulations
Products with Purpose
Serum Box and Bottle
wax seal
Our box is fastened with a plant-based resin seal
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European violet glass protects contents from photodegradation, increases shelf life, and lengthens potency. Thus, eliminating the need for controversial preservative ingredients. 
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FSC certified Swedish Paperboard is 100% recyclable and comes from a company founded in 1685 with an emphasis on renewable energy. 
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Ceramic screen printing has more durability if washed, reused or repurposed than traditional screen printing or paper labels. 
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Polypropylene plastic pump is 100% recyclable (but we recommend reusing)
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packaging with intention
formulations with standards
Stars in Circle Formation
We adhere to the strictest standards for our skincare ingredients. Our European Union compliant formulas exclude over 1,300 chemicals that are known or suspected to cause bodily harm (e.g. cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm or birth defects). In comparison, the U.S. FDA has only banned or restricted 11 chemicals from cosmetics. 
shipping with balance
Conscious Shipping
When possible, our shipping method supports emission reduction projects to offset the climate impact of the shipment’s transport. This carbon neutral option is verified by Société Générale de Surveillance, an inspection, testing, and verification company. 
this was unexpected...

Co-Founders Peter and JoLynn met in an elevator in 2004.

Is this a love story? Sorta! But not the kind you’re thinking…

Over a decade later, our worlds reunited over tragedy – Dianne, JoLynn’s mother, and Peter’s pen pal, received an ALS diagnosis. We made the conscious choice to embrace this new reality as a unifier.


As Dianne’s need for assistance increased, JoLynn became instrumental in helping her mom with bathing rituals. They affectionately called this time together ‘Spa Day’ and applied the clean beauty products Peter shared with Dianne via their postal exchanges. 

Dianne’s magnetism thrusted us back into a tight bond. One thing led to another, and two friends (we said it isn’t that kind of story) were on the road to creating a product we longed for but could not find within the marketplace. 

Throughout our process we have learned immeasurable amounts about the power of motherly love and finding beauty in some of life’s greatest challenges. We hope our dermal serum nourishes you as much as creating it has nurtured us. 

With inclusion, the utmost respect for our planet, and Mama’s love at our core, 


JoLynn Henke & Peter Clarkson

Two urbanites with a profound love for nature, vegetables, Happy Hour and the Wisconsin Badgers.

JoLynn Henke & Peter Clarkson

Here we are fully embracing being caught

in a monsoon miles from shelter.