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A team brought together by the power of motherly love.


JoLynn Henke, a healthcare consultant, was on a quest to better the public health sector; holding a Masters degree and multiple esteemed positions in the medical education space. 

Peter Clarkson, a model and entrepreneur, boasts a portfolio ranging from historic fashion house, Hermès, to global icons like Coca-Cola. He attributes his success in the industry to his mother's unwavering emphasis on lifelong skin health.

When JoLynn’s mother became ill with ALS, at home "spa days" became one of their greatest forms of bonding. Peter, a longtime family friend, would contribute by shipping his industry's best products from Los Angeles. The strength of mother-daughter touch and the luxe products further connected the two women, even while verbal communication waned. 

Our story’s fearless mother was the impetus needed for Peter and JoLynn to leave their jobs behind in pursuit of a skincare product that fiercely nurtures, is gentle and powerful––much like a mother's love. 


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